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Tee Talent, a social enterprise based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.



We understand that you may have questions about our custom t-shirts and other services that we provide. Check below the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Contact us if you have any other inquiry.


How many employees with disabilities are you currently employing?

We have opened our business recently and our plan is to start hiring as soon as our sales take off. In the meantime, the business partners are responsible for all the company’s operation. Keep in mind that there is a long road ahead until we are able to achieve our goals. In the meantime, we will keep sharing on our social media about the talent of people with disabilities and try to break some misconceptions that our society has towards this group. 


Are the founders of Tee Talent also individuals with disabilities?

Yes. Both partners are individuals with disabilities. 


Where is Tee Talent based?

Tee Talent is based in Kitchener, in the province of Ontario, Canada.


What currency are your prices in?

All services are listed in Canadian Dollar.


Where are the custom t-shirts made?

Our custom t-shirts are made in different countries. Something that is really important for us is that the t-shirt needs to be made in a sweat-free environment, and that the manufacturer needs to follow local labour laws.


Where do you ship from?

Our custom t-shirts are shipped from Kitchener, Ontario and the promo items from the USA.


What are the payment methods accept by Tee Talent?

We accept cash, e-transfer, cheque, and PayPal. The client needs to pay 70% when placing the order and 30% when the product is delivered, but it may vary from order to order.


If I buy products from Tee Talent, will I be charged taxes and duties for my orders?

The custom t-shirts and other items that we offer are shipped from Canada. If you live in Canada, applicable HST or Provincial Sales Tax will be charged according to where the product is being shipped.


Shipments destined for the United States or international countries may be subject to customs, which may increase the number of business days it takes for your order to arrive. Please note that Tee Talent is not responsible for any customs or duties charges that are levied by the destination country.


What is the level of customization that Tee Talent offers for custom t-shirts?

We have ready-to-print t-shirts and also the possibility to make fully custom t-shirts. In this case, the custom t-shirt will be cut, dyed, sewn and screen printed the way our customers want. We can use any Pantone code to dye the t-shirts. Note that this level of customization will make the delivery of your order take more time.


What is the turnaround for custom t-shirt services and promo items?

We require 15 business days from the payment to the delivery, but it can take less than that. It may take few more days if the delivery is outside of Ontario. Depending on the urgency that you may have, promo items can be delivered within 3 business days or 10 business days. Note that 3 business days is considered a rush order, and it can increase the cost of shipping.


What is the cost of Tee Talent's custom apparel services?

Each order has a unique cost. The cost of custom apparel services is based on quantity, the number of colours that the decoration has, how many parts of the t-shirts will be printed etc.


I want to make the logo of my company and business cards with Tee Talent. Is it possible?

Yes. Our designers can prepare a beautiful logo and business card for you. Just send the concept of your company to us and we will be more than happy to work with you.


What kind of promotional items Tee Talent offers?

We offer a wide range of promotional items, including bags, mobile tech items, drinkware, office items, home and travel items, outdoor and leisure items. Ask for our catalog.



Why should my company buy from Tee Talent?

Our competitive prices, in addition to the social impact your company creates by being socially conscious in your purchases, are both strong motivators. Your company can use us to promote their brand to clients in a socially conscious way. Doing business with us can help your business thrive as well as ours.


Why is your website not accessible for visually impaired? 

We are aware that our website is not accessible and our plan is to have a solution as fast as possible. We built our website on our own using tools that don't consider accessibility. We are extremely sorry!